Web Design Company

NetLink India a web design firm was formed in mid 1996 to help major businesses and organizations wade through the often complex world of web designing, Internet marketing and search engine optimization services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NetLink (based in New Jersey, USA). We offer over 10 years of strategic networking and Internet related experience, graphic web design skills with state-of-the-art functionality.
Perhaps the one thing that signifies our commitment to developing top notch Internet marketing for our clients is the fact that the Net Link Internet team spent over 1-1/2 years in researching and developing new Internet technologies before we opened our doors. Like in any business, we know that the success of our clients is our success and it’s important that the services and products we build be nothing less than the best.

Marketing Our Way

What is the reason that draws users to one site and not another? Like any successful advertising campaign, it’s not just what you offer, but how you offer it. Users on the Internet don’t just want to read about your company and it’s products, but they want to be dazzled by powerful layouts, graphics, multimedia and, most importantly, they want to interact with your company. When we build your company’s website, we will design it to deliver a high impact experience to every user who visits it. This means that your website will include layout that uses the latest programming, web technologies, attractive custom design, graphics and enhanced interactivity through multimedia elements that include sound, motion video and animation. We make sites for usability offering excellent navigational architecture. Conceptualizing and creating a high impact web site for your company is only the beginning. NetLink India will aggressively promote your web site to the online world, while helping you integrate it into your company’s current marketing program. And since the Internet is an evolving medium, we provide quarterly evaluations which provide ideas for enhancing and revising your web site to better serve and broaden your user base.

The Creative Advantage

We specialize in making “cool” happen. We provide custom website design – a look and feel that fits the unique image of your company. Our graphic designers work hand-in-hand with our programmers throughout the design of your site. This integration between in-house creative, marketing and technical staff allows Net Link India to streamline production and increase the overall effectiveness of your website using content management system. No two web sites we build are the same. Every site has a special, unique strategy backed by solid graphic design to attract your target audience.

The Technology Advantage

Building a unique, successful website is a mixture of 4 elements; strategy, information, graphic design and interactivity. Even though we place great emphasis on all four elements, one element that truly sets NetLink India apart from the rest is our exclusive high impact interactive technology. Net Link programmers have perfected the technology of embedding full blown mini-applications directly into web pages. The interaction possibilities are unlimited! For an example, take a look at our Multi Search window at the Technology section.