Real Estate Booking & Revenue Management

An Internet based custom-built, on-demand CRM software for the real estate industry. It is easy to use, fast to deploy and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The online system is ideal for real estate developers in the retail, commercial and residential sectors.

Real estate booking & revenue management. Just right for YOUR business.




  • Custom-built for Indian real estate developers

  • A smart unit booking and accounts receivable tracking system

  • Creates a healthy cash flow with auto alerts for pending and over due payments

  • Enhance administrative efficiency by reducing costly errors/omissions by eliminating manual preparation of sale contracts and payment receivables

  • Know what’s happening; 24/7 access to sales and receivables reports

  • Drive accountability with results

  • Provides your team with tools for proven success

  • Easy to use, fast to deploy

  • Saves time & money


Increase repeat business through customer care!


  • Online availability board

  • Unit bookings with approval processes

  • Receipts and contract print facility

  • Accounts receivable tracking via auto alerts for pending and over due payments

  • View and print transactional history for each block

  • Robust data back up systems ensure data safety, reliability and integrity

  • Consolidated views of activities, alerts, status and receipts.


Save time and money!



  • Track inventory and unit pricing, availability, revenue, deposits and payment status.

  • Utilize the online inquiry view to review up-to-the-minute account history and pending balances.

  • Generate reports for block booking, receipts & receivable statements.

  • View relevant reports across projects anytime, anywhere.


Make informed decisions for today and tomorrow!!




  • The success of your Project is our success

  • An experienced project manager is assigned to every client project

  • Data is hosted in a secure reliable environment

  • Robust data backup systems ensure data safety and integrity

  • No expensive IT hardware or personnel investment required

  • Dedicated assistance and support during and after implementation

  • Our proven implementation process guides you through each step of project roll out


Be up and running in a matter of days!



  • Manage individual blocks for booking with alerts to sales team

  • Increase profit during peak sales times by adjusting unit prices in real time; with automatic updates to ‘availability board’

  • Get deals approved faster with 24/7 anytime, anywhere access

  • View, track & prepare all purchaser activity from a central database

  • View all sales executives’ activities across single or multiple projects

  • Make informed decisions with over 25 real time reports

  • Control system access permissions to manage ‘who gets what when’


Coach your team for success!