We at NetLink are a one stop solution for all things digital. We offer a wide range of services including digital marketing, web design and development, software development and application development. We understand the importance of a brand’s digital presence and direct our efforts towards connecting all digital platforms to ensure maximum impact through effective content creation.

In 2019, we introduced our digital marketing division to design and implement digital marketing campaigns. We create, develop and communicate brands and their messages in an impactful and engaging manner on all social platforms. Our creative and data driven approaches have proven to exceed expectations amongst our clients in India, USA, Canada and Australia. Social media being the most prominent platform for marketing, we have successfully raised funds, attracted customers and spread awareness about companies through a carefully curated strategy unique to each client.

We have a vision to build solid information bridges between businesses and their target audiences through digital marketing and a strong web presence. We aim to understand the business, their brand identity and digital challenges to build an effective approach by taking a detailed look the scenario together and deriving solutions through brainstorming.

Our Digital Marketing Ad Campaigns is an integral part of digital marketing which includes effective creative messaging techniques through static graphics, motion graphics and optimized content copies to reach the desired audience. To attain desirable outcomes, we ensure the following:

  • Industry trends and research for important keywords to ensure relevance, audience interaction and relevance.
  • A combination of static and motion graphics along with effective text copies which are designed to focus on keywords and visual appeal.
  • Campaign management which includes setting up on an ad account, designing the desired target audience and regular advertisement.
  • Improving ROI.
  • Geo Targeting, Interest Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Behaviour Targeting and Custom Audience Targeting.

Few of our Clients

Ekal Vidyalaya
Howdy, Modi!
Blueray Aviation
Support a Child
Great Clips
Roots Academy
Friends Tribal Society
Shri Hari
Uplift 1 Mom