Professional User Friendly Websites

Our methodology is quite simple; we strive to make technology work for our clients and NOT vice versa. This methodology helps guide us develop solutions that actually and practically work for our clients and hence make a direct impact on the way clients conduct their business.

Website Design – A Radical New Way Of Building Websites

Strategy and Positioning

The real key to success on the Internet is to begin with a well-planned strategy. Before we write code or begin any design, we take a hard look at competitive web sites, the potential user base and their tastes, the type of services and information your web site will offer and more. This research is then applied to designing an Internet strategy for your company that includes “look and feel” appeal, positioning, online marketing and ways of integrating it into your current advertising. This type of strategic development ensures that your company will successfully enter the Internet marketplace with a hot, high-demand web site.

Prototype Design

A web site’s “look and feel” is the single most important element of a site’s construction. It includes page layout, type of graphics, overall sizing, space usage and user navigation. Before actual coding and construction, we will present prototype pages so that you have an opportunity early on to make modifications. It’s our way of ensuring that your web site is constructed exactly the way YOU envisioned it.

Site Construction

This is where the real magic starts. Our designers and programmers will translate your prototype site plan and strategy into actual layout, text copy writing and programming. They will ingeniously integrate the latest HTML coding, PHP/JSP/ASP programming and JavaScript “smart” programs to make your site alive to users.

Layout and HTML Coding

A successful web site is laid on a solid foundation of professional design. Our designers will meticulously choose backgrounds, test various layouts and design high impact graphics to deliver your company’s image and information to your users. Overseen by a creative director, the pages of your web site will be designed to lead users throughout your site and to encourage them to act upon your company’s services and offerings.

Graphic Design – Making “Cool” Happen

Our aim is to build you a web site that is more than just appealing and attractive. Your users should be visually entertained with high impact images and special effects. Our designers use high-end Pentium-IV workstations to design high impact graphics, animations and icons to entertain and deliver your message. Your web pages are designed with whatever makes sense and is required to ensure each page is attractive at the same time effective.

Image Scanning & Stock Imagery

The Internet is a graphical environment and we encourage our clients to add products shots and other images. Like specially designed graphics, images lend realism to the quality and service you offer. We offer high quality scanning, which when reduced to web dimensions, has more colour depth, images are sharper and show more detail. We also help source quality stock images to help create the critical visual impact.

Copy writing

Dazzling users with graphics, animations and images can’t make up for the power of words. The biggest problem with web sites today is lack of appealing copy that leads readers logically through the web pages. Many web designers believe that graphics can make up for lack of copy. We believe that graphics are only a support tool and that it’s the copy that does the real selling. Our copywriters are available to edit or fully rewrite the text in your web pages to give them an edge in selling. On the net….content is king.

In a nutshell, when it comes to designing and building powerful web sites, we follow a somewhat different philosophy. We believe that a successful web site is one where graphics, layout and copy have purpose and are combined to deliver a unified message.